CPS 3.1.0 (development branch) has been released today.

Stefane Fermigier sf@nuxeo.com
Mon, 10 May 2004 21:01:28 +0200

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CPS 3.1.0 (development branch) has been released today.

     CPS 3.1.0 (development branch) is an intermediate release that takes
     place in the development process of the future stable release of CPS=
     which will be CPS 3.2.0 (stable branch). It is fairly stable, and mo=
     of the products are currently used in production, but, except for un=
     tests which are usually written along the code, it has not received
     yet a thourough QA process. Some API may also change until CPS 3.2.

     It has been tested and should work on Zope 2.6.1, 2.6.4 and 2.7.0. I=
     includes the new CMF 1.4.3 as well as several other third-party

     CPS 3.1.0 (development branch) improvements over CPS 3.0 are the
       * Interoperability and accessibility improvements: switch to XHTML
         1.0 Transitional and move to more semantic HTML code. This is an
         ongoing effort to soon switch to XHTML 1.0 Strict and to assert
         the degree of accessibility of CPS with respect to the [2]Web
         Accessibility Initiative (WAI).
       * A new [3]CPSSubscriptions product which brings a powerful and
         generic subscription and notification framework for CPS.
       * Thanks to the many users' and clients' feedback, many bug fixes
         and improvements on the [4]CPSDocument and [5]CPSSchemas product=
         have been done. Those result in more usable widgets and forms in
         particular and in a more enjoyable user experience in general.
       * Many bug fixes in the CPSCalendar (=3D shared calendar) product.
       * General switch to the CPSSchema/CPSDocument framework. Most of t=
         CPS components are now CPSDocuments on their own with all the ne=
         functionalities and services that it provides. So Sections,
         Workspaces and CPSForum posts are all now CPSDocuments.
       * Use of the new [6]CPSInstaller product for easier understanding,
         maintenance, stability and third party developments over CPS.
       * Indexation and previewing of new document types: MS Excel, MS
       * Integration of the [7]CPSRSS syndication product.
       * Integration of the [8]CPSChat chat product.
       * Integration of the CPSCollector poll and user input collector (n=
         converted yet to CPSSchema/CPSDocument, though).
       * Integration of the popular third-party [9]CPSSkins theme creatio=
         and management product by Jean-Marc Orliaguet. ([10]screenshots
       * New translation: German, which brings to 6 the number of languag=
         available for CPS (some of these translation may not be complete
         as of now):
            + English
            + French
            + Spanish (thanks to =C1lvaro Tejero Cantero)
            + Italian (thanks to Paolo Dina)
            + Dutch (thanks to CapGemini Belgium)
            + German (thanks to Georg Hennemann)
       * In summary, there have been about 1200 commits by 13 commiters
         since the CPS 3.0 release.

     CPS 3.1.0 is available at:

What is CPS ?

     [11]Nuxeo CPS is an extensive collaborative Web content management
     system (CMS) implemented on top of Zope and the CMF. Nuxeo CPS enabl=
     organizations to easily, quickly and efficiently implement
     collaborative intranet, extranet or internet applications.

     [12]CPS3 is the next generation of CPS, and builds on the strengths =

     As CPS2, it provides:
       * Collaborative publication of documents
       * Indexation and previewing of office automation documents (MS
         Office, StarOffice, OpenOffice.org, PDF, RTF, XML, etc.).
       * Integrated search engine
       * Versioning
       * Mailing lists
       * Workflow
       * Integrated Meta Directory
       * Security (based on roles)

     The new functionalities and features only available on CPS3 are:
       * Flexible revision and translation framework for content.
       * Single repository for content objects, that stores versions of
       * Event service: flexible tool to manage communication between
       * Everything is workflow-driven, with placeful (local) workflow
         association. Workflow can be tuned for very different purposes
         (e.g. collaboration vs. publication).
       * Portal customisation system based on "boxes" with several boxes
         types already provided.
       * Internationalisation.

More information

     You can find more information about CPS3 in the [13]EuroPython 2003

     See also the [14]Nuxeo web site and [15]CPS Project for more details=

Getting involved

     There is a [16]cps-devel mailing list for CPS3 (and CPS2) developers=
     CPS users lists ([17]cps-users (english) and [18]cps-users-fr
     (french)) are also available.


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