Config-py 1.1 Released

Dan Gass
13 May 2004 00:53:09 -0700

config-py version 1.1 has been released and is available at SourceForge.  

Highlights of the changes are:

1) License changed from GPL to MIT (less restrictive)
2) Settings available as attributes of configuration instances
3) Allow user exact control of when environment keys are utilized
4) Exception class was added
5) Other (backwards compatible) interface and documentation improvements

Module Description

This python module provides a simple, but extremely flexible and powerful 
method of controlling python script execution by use of configuration settings 
stored in user configuration files.  This module is a more powerful 
alternative to the ConfigParser module already available in the standard 
Python distribution.

The standard ConfigParser module parses text based user configuration files 
and provides access to that information.  This module reads python based 
configuration files and provides access to the python objects contained 
within.  In addition, this module supports hierarchical organization of the 
settings within the configuration files so that settings may be accessed using 
keys specified by the user from the command line or by other means.  By use of 
python based configuration files, this module provides a simple solution to 
most configuration problems but also has the flexibility to solve the most 
complex configuration issues.

Other Important Information

License:            MIT

Project Home Page:

Download URL:

Author/Maintainer:  Dan Gass (

<P><A HREF="">config-py 1.1</A> - Python
          based user configuration file accessor module.  (13-May-04)