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Kevin Altis altis@semi-retired.com
Thu, 13 May 2004 14:54:48 -0700

Subject: Registration Open for OSCON 2004

Registration is open for the 2004 O'Reilly Open Source Convention
July 26-30, 2004 in Portland, OR

Open source has never just been about code. It's about building
=A0communities--coming together to find new ways of working better,
faster, cheaper. As a result, open source geeks are cruising Mars,
plumbing the secrets of genomes, and rescuing businesses large and
small from closed "solutions" that don't solve much.

Are you prepared to step up to the next level, as open source
continues to claim computing mindshare? Come to OSCON and meet
open source leaders, learn useful skills, and engage in conversations
with developers, business leaders, and technology strategists.
Explore it all at OSCON, from the latest innovations in Perl, PHP,
and Python to the great Linux debate and much more.

**Keynotes Speakers**
- Freeman, Esther, and George Dyson
- Robert Lefkowitz , VP of Enterprise Systems & Architecture at
=A0 AT&T Wireless
- Chris Stone,=A0 Novell's Vice Chairman
- Bdale Garbee, Linux CTO of HP
- Milton Ngan, Weta Digital
- Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly & Associates

**Convention Speakers and Tracks**
OSCON regulars such as Damian Conway, Guido van Rossum, Monty
Widenius, Eric Raymond, Theodore Ts'o,=A0 Mitchell Kapor, Allison
Randal, Miguel de Icaza, and Stormy Peters lead sessions and
panels focusing on Linux, PHP, Python, Perl, Apache, XML, MySQL,
PostgreSQL, Security (new this year), Emerging Topics, Java, and Ruby.

**Evening Events**
- SCO Moot Court, organized by UC Berkeley law professor Pam Samuelson
=A0 and Groklaw founder Pamela Jones
- NASA's Jeff Norris shares how open source software played a major
=A0 role in operating the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration =
=A0 illustrated with pictures and anecdotes
- Larry Wall's perennial "State of the Onion" address
- A talk by Paul Graham, author of "Hackers & Painters"
- An open house at Portland's inimitable Powell's Books, author
=A0 receptions, BoFs, parties, and a trip to the Oregon Museum of
=A0 Science & Industry

**Registration Information**
Register before June 18 to save on registration fees. Lots of other
discounts are available too.

Be sure to reserve your hotel room by June 25 to take advantage of
the special OSCON hotel rate:

And bring the family--Portland is not just open to open source, it's
family-friendly, too. Visit our See & Do page for a sampling of the fun:

Press coverage, blogs, photos, and news from last year's convention
can be found at:

For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at the
convention, contact Andrew Calvo at (707) 827-7176, or

Open source opportunities are growing daily, as are its challenges.
OSCON helps you dive right in to find the know-how you need, no matter
what the open source technology.

See you in Portland!

Catherine M. Dale
Marketing Manager, Conferences
O'Reilly & Associates
1005 Gravenstein Hwy. N. Sebastopol, CA 95472
Ph: 707-827-7184, Fax: 707-829-1342=00=