Zope X3 3.0.0 alpha 1 released

Stephan Richter stephan.richter@tufts.edu
Wed, 19 May 2004 10:06:39 -0400

Dear Zope community,

The Zope 3 development team is proud to announce the first alpha release of
Zope X3 3.0.0.=20

Zope X3 is the next major Zope release and has been written from scratch ba=
on the latest software design patterns and the experiences of Zope 2. The "=
in the name stands for "experimental", since this release does not try to
provide any backward-compatibility to Zope 2. =A0=20


=A0 http://zope.org/Products/ZopeX3


=A0 This release only requires Python 2.3.3 to run. Here are the steps envo=
lved =A0=20
=A0 to get the tarball release working (will be later added to a readme fil=

=A0 - Unpack the release using::

=A0 =A0 =A0 tar xozf ZopeX3-3.0.0a1.tgz

=A0 - Enter the new, unpacked directory and configure it::

=A0 =A0 =A0 ./configure --prefix=3D<zope-dir>

=A0 =A0 You might also need the '--with-python=3D<Python executable>', if y=
=A0 =A0 Python is not in a standard path.

=A0 - Execute 'make' and 'make install'.

=A0 - Enter the 'zope' directory and create an instance::

=A0 =A0 =A0 bin/mkzopeinstance -d<instance dir> -u<username>:<password>

=A0 - Enter the instance directory and try to run zope using 'bin/runzope'.


=A0 Some of the new features include:

=A0 - Zope 3 uses now ZODB 3.3.

=A0 - Implementation of multi-adapters and multi-views. Instead of adapting=
=A0 =A0 from one interface to another, one can now adapt many interfaces to
=A0 =A0 another.

=A0 - Preconditions and constraints on methods are supported now. This allo=
=A0 =A0 one to specify the type of objects a container can contain, for exa=

=A0 - Broken objects are now supported, when a particular class of an objec=
t is
=A0 =A0 not found anymore.

=A0 - An API documentation tool was added to provide full online documentat=
=A0 =A0 of the public APIs and ZCML. Once Zope 3 has been started, it is
=A0 =A0 accessible under: http://localhost:8080/++apidoc++/

=A0 - A stateful tree implementation was added. It makes a lot of use of the
=A0 =A0 component architecture and is therefore extremly flexible and
=A0 =A0 configurable.=20

=A0 - Implemented "Tools", an UI concept similar to the CMF that allows the
=A0 =A0 developer to be more task oriented.

=A0 - The Undo mechanism was reworked.

=A0 - The concept of usage was removed.=20

=A0 - The widget and form code has been simplified and multi-item fields/wi=
=A0 =A0 are now easier to use.=20

=A0 - Support for sessions was added.

=A0 - The entire source tree was flattened.

=A0 For a complete list of changes, see:
=A0 http://svn.zope.org/Zope3/trunk/doc/CHANGES.txt?rev=3D24760&view=3Dmark=


=A0 Jim Fulton, Marius Gedminas, Jeremy Hylton, Fred Drake, Sidnei da Silva,
=A0 Philipp von Weitershausen, Steve Alexander, Andreas Jung, Anthony
=A0 Baxter, Kevin Littlejohn, Stuart Bishop, Christian Theune, Adam Summers,
=A0 Stephan Richter, Chris McDonough, Garrett Smith, Roger Ineichen, Gary
=A0 Poster, Martijn Faassen, Dominik Huber, Bjorn Tillenius, Nathan Yergler,
=A0 Dmitry Vasiliev, Michael Bernstein, Eckart Hertzler, Suresh Babu Eddala

=A0 Thanks to everyone!

Stephan Richter
CBU Physics & Chemistry (B.S.) / Tufts Physics (Ph.D. student)
Web2k - Web Software Design, Development and Training