pyshapelib 0.3 released

Bernhard Herzog
Fri, 28 May 2004 21:16:17 +0200

		pyshapelib 0.3 released

pyshapelib is a python wrapper for shapelib[1], a free software library for
reading and writing ESRI shapefiles, a frequently used format for
geographic data.


Changes since version 0.2:

 * New module shptree.  It's a simple wrapper for shapelib's quadtree.

 * Provide a way to access the shapelib module and shapefile objects
   from C.  It's not documented, unfortunately, but pyshapelib_api.h may
   be a starting point.  This feature is used in Thuban[2] which could be
   used as an example.

 * distutils based build and install script,

 Module dbflib:

 * dbf objects now have a method commit if compiled with shapelib newer
   than 1.2.10 (that is only the CVS version of shapelib at the time of
   writing).  This method calls the new function dbflib DBFUpdateHeader.

 * New method read_attribute which reads a single attribute instead of a
   whole record like read_record

 * NULL values are now returned as None.  DBF files don't really support
   NULL, but this change matches a new feature in shapelib 1.2.9.  It's
   not clear whether it should be implemented in the python wrapper in
   this way.  It might be better to make it optional.


  Python 2.0 or later (mostly tested with 2.2, though)
  shapelib 1.2.9 or later




  [1] Shapelib:

  [2] Thuban is an interactive geographic data viewer.