ANN: pyXSLdoc 0.51

Mon, 31 May 2004 12:43:14 +0200

a small bugfix release only, for full details see

changes since the last release
* xsl:import and xsl:include information on the doc pages are not linked 
anymore as they may be not working anyway. this is because of not 
compatible cross XSLT processor or configuration behaviour. even 
pyXSLdocs own documentation was not working as Pyana expects href to be 
relative to the calling app. pyXSLdoc always assumed URIs relative to 
the importing or including stylesheet

see for a complete list of changes

   pyXSLdoc is published under the LGPL.

   download pyXSLdoc v0.51 - 040531 from

pyXSLdoc needs
* Python 2.3 (tested with Python 2.3.4 on Windows XP only)
* Pyana (tested with Pyana 0.8 only)
* Docutils (tested with Docutils 0.3 only) for ReST comments
   not neccessary if you use Javadoc style comments


   Easiest is to copy the XSLT files to document in a directory below 
pyxsldoc. Then start the documentation process with

   python FILENAMES DIRNAMES [options]

     XSLT files to document, e.g. file1.xsl path/file2.xsl
     directories with XSLT files to document,e.g. dir1 dir2
     all directories and XSLT files under a given directory will be
     processed. this is new from v0.50

Please use the new option syntax, e.g. -dDOCPATH instead of -d DOCPATH, 
so no more blank between option and value (optparse expects this syntax, 
the former selfmade solution was a bit odd there...)

-h, --help
     show this help message and exit

     sourcepath to XSLTs, all XSLT files under this path will be 
documented and SOURCEPATH/overview.txt will be used for the overview. 
You might also simply list all dirs and XSLT files as parameters.

-j, --javadoc, --htmldocs
     process comments in Javadoc style (HTML and @tags), default style 
is reStructuredText (ReST)

-dDOCPATH, --docpath=DOCPATH
     documentation target directory, default is ./_xsldoc
     (ATTENTION: Was option -b in versions upto v0.3x)

     use this ReST .txt file for the overview page

-r, --removedocs
     remove all comments from given XSLTs and save results in 

     path where XSLTs after removing of all docs will be saved, only 
used when option "-r" is given. default is _optimized.

christof hoeke

<P><A HREF="">pyXSLdoc 0.51</A> - generate 
XSLT documentations (31-May-04)