pre-announce: Python 2.4a1 is about a month away

Anthony Baxter
Tue, 01 Jun 2004 01:39:02 +1000

     This is a pre-announcement that the first alpha of Python 2.4
     is about a month away. The purpose of this notice is to give
     people a heads up - if you have a bug that you want to see
     fixed for 2.4, start looking at it now.

     Fixes are welcome through the release cycle, although after
     the first beta fixes that result in a change to behaviour
     will be much less likely to be accepted.

So, if you have a bug you want to see fixed, what should you do?

   - If it's not logged on SF, log it.
   - If it's logged, consider adding a patch that fixes the problem,
     or at least a simple test case that demonstrates the bug.
   - If someone else has supplied a fix, see if this fix works for
     you, and post your results to the bug.
   - If there's a working fix, feel free to add a note asking for
     the fix to go into CVS. The SF bug tracker for Python has a
     _lot_ of bugs in it, and it's easy for bugs to be overlooked.

If you're just interested in what's coming up in 2.4, see the
current development version of the "What's New in 2.4" document

On behalf of the python-dev team, thanks!

[This form of pre-announcement will hopefully become a part of
the release process for all future releases of Python, both
major and bugfix releases, to give people a chance to get their
bugfix-of-choice submitted in time. Any feedback on this process,
please feel free to email me]
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