[ANN] Soya 0.8.2

Jiba jibalamy at free.fr
Mon Nov 1 13:03:45 CET 2004

Soya 0.8.2 is out.

Soya is a very high level 3D engine for Python. Soya aims at being to 3D
what Python is to programming : fast to learn, easy to use, while
keeping good performances ! Contrary to most of existing 3D engines,
Soya is not a C/C++ engine that supports Python scripting, it is a 3D
engine for Python.

0.8.2 version adds cell-shading, shadows and ODE integration (not stable
yet), and fix lots of bugs from the 0.7.x series.
It also features terrain rendering, character animations, Blender

Soya is written in Python and Pyrex (though you don't need Pyrex to
install it). It requires SDL, OpenGL, Cal3D, FreeType2 and PIL.
Soya is available under the GNU GPL.


Slune, my racing game that uses Soya, is now complete ; chek out for
version 1.0.4 here :


You can find Soya developpers and users on #slune on FreeNode.


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