Python Bug Day this Sunday

Johannes Gijsbers jlg at
Mon Nov 1 15:42:07 CET 2004

The fourth Python Bug Day is coming up this Sunday, November 7 2004.

What's a bug day?

Participants meet in an IRC channel or in real life and collaboratively go
through the Python bug database, fixing and closing bugs as they go. You don't
need to have previous experience with modifying the Python source; in fact bug
days offer a good opportunity to learn the basics by asking questions and
working on relatively simple bugs.

Bug day participation also helps the developers and makes Python 2.4 a better
release by reducing the backlog of bugs and patches. Plus, it's fun!


This Sunday, November 7, 2004. I'll be online at least from 11AM to 6PM CET
(10AM to 5PM GMT/ 6AM to 1PM EDT). There'll probably be some other people with
CVS access dropping in to extend the bug day for those in the US.

Oh, you don't need to be around all day either, we'll love you for every bug
you fix. ;)


* The #python-dev channel on

* In real life, at the Amaze office:

  Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 12
  1017 RC Amsterdam
  The Netherlands

More information

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