Pydev 0.8.0

Fabio Zadrozny fabioz at
Wed Nov 3 16:53:05 CET 2004

Pydev 0.8.0 released.

Pydev is a complete python development environment for eclipse 
(that is: a plugin for the eclipse IDE).

Pydev has still not reached 1.0, but it is already stable enough for python
editing, with features such as:
- Code Completion (see notes for using this feature - disabled by default).
- Refactoring with bicycle repair man.
- Outline
- Find definition (powered by bicycle repair man)
- Debugger (still beta)
- Content Assistant (Ctrl+F1)
- Code Coverage 
- Etc.

Version 0.8.0 is basically an 1.0 alpha. That means: bugs wanted so we can
fix them and make a 1.0 version...

Thanks and Regards,

Fabio Zadrozny
fabioz at

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