ANN: PyMedia- is out

Dmitry Borisov jbors at
Thu Nov 4 05:18:45 CET 2004

Hi all,
Finally I have managed to make a pre-release for version

What is it ?
PyMedia is a Python module for avi, mp3, ogg, wma, divx and other media
formats processing.
It is crossplatform and can work on Windows, Linux and cygwin.
PyMedia is based upon the following libraries :
  libavcodec,  libavformat,  libdvdcss, libdvdread

It has simple and yet powerful interface. Check out the tutorial section:

1. Audio decoding/encoding for the following types:
   - mp2, mp3, ac3, ogg, wma, aac
2. Video decoding/encoding for the following types:
   - mpeg1,2 ( dvd, vcd, svcd ), mpeg4, xvid, asf
3. Video/Audio muxing for mpeg files only
4. Direct access to sound device( Input/Output ). Input is synchronous in
5. Sound manipulation classes such as Resampler and SpectrAnalyzer
6. Direct access to cdda tracks for easy grabbing and encoding Audio CDs
7. Direct access to dvd tracks for playing DVD movies( all types )
8. Ability to convert video frames from YUV<->BMP formats
9. Simple interface and portability( Windows/Linux/cygwin )

- VFrame has new method: convert(). Allow you to convert it to any other
format( RGB<->YUV )
- resampler works as expected now
- VFrame can be created explicitly( allows to create your own movies from
the set of pics )
- wma can play small chunks
- windows ISound interface get fixed( patch from Raefer Gabriel  )
- windows OSound interface get fixed, no freezing anymore
- windows binary supports MMX optimization( 30% boost )
- audio.muxer has new method mux and flush. To be compatible with every
stream format not only MPEG.
- CLE266 chipset support included for HW DVD playback on Linux with
Directfb/pydfb( experimental ! )
- seeking supported for video/audio
- new Mixer interface
- meta tags for ogg, wma and mp3 can be changed and written back to the file
- aac playback support( experimental ! )

Just check the and download the latest version
You may download Windows binaries as well.

How to use
Please see the tutorial on how to install and use:

At the moment the whole module is GPL because of libdvdread and libdvdcss.
I have plans to make it LGPL eventually.


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