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Jain, Nitin Nitin.Jain at pfizer.com
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RPy to be distributed via Python-Announce-List at Python.Org

 What is RPy?

 RPy is a very simple, yet robust, Python (http://www.python.org) interface
 to the R environment for statistical data analysis and graphics
 (http://www.r-project.org). RPy can manages translation between python
 and R formats for all kinds of R objects and can execute arbitrary R
 functions (including the graphic functions). All errors from the R
 language are converted to proper Python exceptions. All module installed
 on the R system are available from Python.

 Consequently, RPy allows Python programmers to easily add advanced
 statistical functionality to Python programs. It allows R programmers the
 ability to use Python to control R computations and to interface them with
 other systems. Examples include 
 RSOAP (http://rsoap.sf.net), 
 RSessionDA (http://research.warnes.net/projects/rzope/rsessionda), and  
 RStatServer (http://rstatserver.sf.net). 

 These products, which make heavy use of RPy have been used in a production
 environments for two years.

 New features in 0.4.0

 o Now works with R 2.0.0

 o R header files for R 1.8.0 through R 2.0.0 are now included 
    with rpy. This should make it easier to build.

 o All reported bugs have been fixed.

 For more information visit the RPy home page at http://rpy.sf.net, or the
 RPy SourceForge project page at http://www.sf.net/projects/rpy. 

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