Wing IDE 2.0 released

Wing IDE Announce info at
Thu Nov 11 05:30:15 CET 2004


We're happy to announce the release of Wing IDE 2.0, an advanced
integrated development environment for Python.

It can be downloaded from:

Wing IDE provides you with:

* Source code browser, code index tools, source assistant,
  and powerful search capabilities for navigating and 
  understanding Python code.

* Advanced debugging tools, including support for externally
  launched code such as web CGIs, embedded scripts, and
  networked debugging.

* Powerful code editor with auto-completion, call tips, 
  goto-definition, syntax highlighting, macros, indentation
  tools, code folding, configurable key bindings, emacs
  emulation, and much more.

New features in Wing IDE 2.0 since the last 1.1 release include a
redesigned customizable user interface, call tips, syntax error
indicators, editor tabs and splits, multi-file wildcard and regular
expression searching, integrated documentation and tutorial, German
localization, and Unicode support.

For more information see:

Product Info:


The Wingware Team

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