ANN: pyfltk-1.1b3

Andreas Held a.held at
Mon Nov 15 08:13:15 CET 2004

I am happy to announce a new beta release of pyFltk.
pyFltk is a Python wrapper for the FLTK GUI toolkit, an extremely
lightweight and cross-platform toolkit that can be found at

The new release of pyFltk contains various improvements in
cross-language polymorphisms and several bug fixes. In addition, it
now relies on more modern Python features and will not work with
Python prior to version 2.0 anymore.

pyFltk can be found at
At present source, pre-compiled Windows and pre-compiled Linux RPM can
be downloaded.

Please direct bug reports and comments to the mailing list:
pyfltk-user at

Have fun.

Andreas Held

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