FAQtor 0.5 - The FAQ generator

Phil stuff at mailzilla.net
Wed Nov 17 05:22:28 CET 2004

FAQtor is a python script that generates customizable FAQs from a
simple XML input file.

FAQtor can be downloaded from:


More information about FAQtor can be found at the above URL. 

FAQtor is released under the GPL and generated faqs can be used for
commercial and non-commercial purposes.  FAQtor makes it easy for all
websites to include a FAQ because it takes the tedious nature out of
it.  There is no longer any need to manually edit the FAQ and update
links to answers, etc...  After initial (optional) customization, all
that is necessary when updating a FAQ is to update the XML input file
and re-run FAQtor.

The XML file contains all of the information necessary to create a
professional looking FAQ.


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