ponto -- first public release

Dr. Ludger Humbert ludger.humbert at uni-dortmund.de
Wed Nov 17 22:16:10 CET 2004

ponto is a small piece of software to enable *informatics education* by
building object oriented documents and using OpenOffice.org.
ponto is released under GPL.
At the moment two languages namely german and english are supported.
ponto will start OpenOffice.org (writer) and communicates via pyuno-bridge.

example use (with OpenOffice.org bundled python)


[Mac OS X]

from ponto import Document
opening=birthdayInvitation.createParagraph("Hi friend,")
mainText=birthdayInvitation.createParagraph("as you know, ...")

more information (incl. source-code) at



     Ludger Humbert

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