ANN: 4Suite 1.0a4

Uche Ogbuji uche.ogbuji at
Sat Nov 20 07:42:52 CET 2004

Today we release 1.0 alpha 4, now available from Sourceforge and

4Suite is a comprehensive platform for XML and RDF processing, with base
libraries and a server framework.  It is implemented in Python and C,
and provides Python and XSLT APIs, Web and command line interfaces.

For general information, see:

For the files, see:


Windows installer:

Windows zip:

You can also get the files on Sourceforge:


In the locations specified above, with filenames of the form


Highlights of changes

This release has been extremely an long time in coming, and a great
number of changes have come about.  I'll try my best to summarize:

* Python 2.2.1 is now the minimum required version
* Feature enhancements for the domlettes, including
  - Ability to control encoding for parse
  - Ability to parse from general entities (i.e. multiple root elements)
  - .xpath() convenience method on nodes
* Feature enhancements for the repository, including
  - MySQL driver
  - Flat File driver is no longer flat (now uses native directories)
  - Repository / Driver API restructured
  - ftss: URI scheme used throughout
* Feature enhancements for Versa, including
  - Versa functions to control query scoping
* Pruning of built-in XPath and XSLT extensions for consistency with
* Other API changes (mostly just name changes or adding optional
  functionality). Old names work, but are deprecated and trigger
* cDomlette is stable and FtMiniDom is deprecated.
* Improvements to packaging and deployment
* Numerous performance enhancements
* Numerous bug fixes

IMPORTANT alpha release notes

If you have built a 4Suite repository using an older version of 4Suite,
you will probably have to make adjustments for this new release.  If you
used 0.12.0a3, or a more recent version, then you will have to follow
migration instructions detailed in the following message:

In general, it's worth being familiar with the following document:

There have been on and off problems for Mac OS X users.  Please
see the following page for current status, notes and recommendations:

Installation locations have changed on both Windows and Unix.
See the current installation directory layout document at:

If there is a server config files at the default location for the
build and platform (e.g. /usr/local/lib/4Suite/4ss.conf by default on
UNIX), it will be renamed to 4ss.conf.old and then overwritten.

For insulation from Domlette implementation changes, developers should
always use the generic Ft.Xml.Domlette APIs (rather than, say

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