PyGTA (Toronto-area Python group) next meeting will be Tuesday November 23rd 7-9pm

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Nov 20 17:06:32 CET 2004

The next meeting of PyGTA, the Toronto-area Python user group,
will occur at the Givex offices at 366 Adelaide St W, on
Tuesday November 23rd from 7pm to 9pm

Mike Fletcher will give a talk entitled:

	"New-Style Classes: Features and implications"

See the web page
for more details and directions.

The usual post-meeting get-together will occur at the
Charlotte Room, just across the street, for anyone who
needs trans fats, carbs or alcohol to last out the evening...

-Peter, Ian, meeting organizers

(The group has several mailing lists, one for general
discussion and one for announcements like this.  Periodically
we like to post an announcement here in c.l.p.announce as well,
to reach potential new members.  We hope to see you there!)

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