ANN: urwid 0.8.4

Ian Ward ian at
Sun Nov 21 05:16:18 CET 2004

Announcing urwid 0.8.4

Urwid home page:


New in this release:

  - Improved support for Cyrillic and other simple 8-bit encodings.

  - Added new functions to simplify taking screenshots:

  - Improved urwid/ input debugging

  - Fixed cursor in screenshots of CJK text.
    Fixed "end" key in Edit boxes with CJK text.

About Urwid

Urwid is a curses-based UI library for Python. It features fluid 
interface resizing, CJK support, multiple text layouts, simple 
attribute markup, powerful scrolling list boxes and flexible edit 

Urwid maximizes the use of your available screen real estate. It does 
not provide code for box drawing or simulated drop shadows. It aims to
make writing professional, responsive console applictions easier.

Ian Ward <ian#excess,org>

<P><A HREF="">urwid 0.8.4</A> - curses-based UI library (20-Nov-04)

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