ANN: TestGen 0.04 Software Test Framework Released

Dan Gass dan.gass at
Wed Nov 24 07:40:31 CET 2004

TestGen release 0.04 is now available.  It is the first publicly announced
release of this Python package.

TestGen is a Python package for software testing.  The package currently 
contains targets for unit testing C/C++.  Future releases will support 
integration testing of C/C++ systems as well as functional testing using 
Python targets. 

- requires Python2.2 or later (it was developed on Python2.3 with some
  testing/verification performed with 2.2)
- Python API for specification of test case setup, inputs and outputs
  (Python's power and flexibility can be used to generate test cases)
- generates "C/C++" test code per test specifications, compiles, links,
  runs, and evaluates the results
- provides access to C++ protected and private variables and methods
- function/method stubbing (for satisfying external linkages or testing
  interfaces to them)
- function/method remove/copy (for isolating code under test
  to reduce external linkage requirements)
- "on the fly" code under test manipulation capability (useful for
  making temporary code modifications to make it testable)
- convenient "C" random number function library (useful when iterating
  the test to get better coverage)
- easy file output comparison and base lining
- test expectations independently verified for successful completion.
- batch facility available for running multiple test scripts (batch
  tests may be nested in that they may execute other batch tests)
- GNU and Microsoft compilers supported (customizable for others)

The vast majority of TestGen is released under the GNU General Public
License with the small remainder released under the MIT License.

Downloads are available at the following address under the "Files" link:

Feedback and comments are very welcome.  You may contact the author at
dan.gass at

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