Standalone email package 3.0 final

Barry Warsaw barry at
Mon Nov 29 08:16:15 CET 2004

Python 2.4 final will probably be released in a few hours so this seems
like a good time to release the standalone email package, version 3.0
final.  Unless there's some last second snafu, this will be identical to
the version released with Python 2.4.

email 3.0 is compatible with Python 2.3 and 2.4.  If you need to support
earlier versions of Python, stick with email 2.5.5.   For documentation
(until Fred flips the "current" docs switch) and download links, please
see the email-sig home page:

Changes in email 3.0 include:

      * New FeedParser provides an incremental parsing API for
        applications that may need to read email messages from blocking
        sources (e.g. sockets).  FeedParser is also more standards
        compliant than the old parser and is "non-strict", so that it
        should never raise parse errors when parsing broken messages.
      * The old Parser API is (mostly) supported for backward
      * Previously deprecated API features have been removed, while a
        few more deprecations have been added.
      * Support for Pythons earlier than 2.3 have been removed.
      * Lots and lots of fixes.

Feel free to join the email-sig mailing list for further discussion.


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