PyXML 0.8.4 released

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Tue Nov 30 22:24:53 CET 2004

Version 0.8.4 of the Python/XML distribution is now available.  It
should be considered a beta release, and can be downloaded from the
following URLs:

Changes in this version, compared to 0.8.3:

   * bump version number to 0.8.4, as Python 2.4 requires that
     as the minimum PyXML version.
   * Expat 1.95.8 is provided; pyexpat is extended to expose more
     expat features:
     - CurrentLineNumber, CurrentColumnNumber, CurrentByteIndex
     - symbolic error numbers added in Expat 1.95.7 and 1.95.8
   * Added Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) namespaces to the
     xml.ns module.
   * fix memory leaks in pyexpat
   * fix line number reporting in SAX

The Python/XML distribution contains the basic tools required for
processing XML data using the Python programming language, assembled
into one easy-to-install package.  The distribution includes parsers
and standard interfaces such as SAX and DOM, along with various other
useful modules.

The package currently contains:

         * XML parsers: Pyexpat (Jack Jansen), xmlproc (Lars Marius
           Garshol), sgmlop (Fredrik Lundh).
         * SAX interface (Lars Marius Garshol)
         * minidom DOM implementation (Paul Prescod, others)
         * 4DOM and 4XPath from Fourthought (Uche Ogbuji, Mike Olson)
         * Schema implementations: TREX (James Tauber)
         * Various utility modules and functions (various people)
         * Documentation and example programs (various people)

The code is being developed bazaar-style by contributors from the
Python XML Special Interest Group, so please send comments and
questions to <xml-sig at>.  Bug reports may be filed on

For more information about Python and XML, see:

Martin v. Löwis     

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