ANN: Venster 0.7

Henk Punt henkpunt at
Sun Oct 3 16:17:26 CEST 2004

Announcing release 0.7 of Venster.
Venster is a highly native Windows GUI toolkit for Python based on the
ctypes ffi library. Development is ongoing at

In this release:

- fixed creation process, venster windows can now process WM_CREATE
messages during window creation.
- refactored gdi stuff out of
- refactored, split into core functionality ( extra
function are added by decorators in

- removed CHAINED msg maps. events now automatically bubble up to the
parent class msg handlers

- THE BIG ONE: added function decorators for building the MSG_MAP
(supports 2.4 decorator syntax)
	for most code, MSG_MAPS are now obsolete.
	use one of the new decorators 'msg_handler', 'cmd_handler' or
'ntf_handler' to map python handlers to windows events.
	for an example see
	decorators work for python 2.3 and 2.4 but only 2.4 can use the '@'
decorator syntax.
	please note that MSG_MAPS are still available in, you should however
not normally need them anymore.
- WARNING! sanatized the class variable names used by Window and Form.
This change is not backwards compatible, and you will
probably need to update your code to use the new names.

- integrated patches. (mostly bug fixes and some more control

- updated documentation (added a tutorial/hello world example).

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