NorthWest(USA) Python Sprint #2 - October 23,24

Brian Dorsey brian at
Tue Oct 5 01:53:57 CEST 2004

SeaPIG (the Seattle Python Interest Group) is excited to announce the

                           NORTHWEST PYTHON SPRINT #2
                              October 23-24, 2004
                           Bellevue, Washington, USA

The cost is FREE, thanks to our host Construx Software.  There will be a
large, comfortable room seating 50+ people at tables, wireless and wired
Internet access, and a projector for demonstrations.  We have the room
reserved for Saturday and Sunday, but feel free to drop in whenever you
can make it.

Kevin Altis will be giving a short intro to PythonCard
( and coaching a sprint.

>From his blog:
    I'll be giving a presentation on PythonCard Saturday morning as well
as helping people work on their own PythonCard projects, fix bugs, and
make additions to the framework and tools. Which projects we tackle will
depend on how many people show up and what interests them the most.

We have plenty of space, so feel free to sign up to coach other projects
or just bring your own and look for a partner. 

What is a sprint?  A sprint is a group of people who gather for a day or
more to work on a common software project.  The members choose
individual tasks and usually work solo or in pairs in the same room,
then get together periodically to compare notes.  We'll follow the model
that has worked successfully at the past several Python conferences:
several groups working on different projects in the same room.  Past
sprints have done development work on the Python core, Twisted,
Docutils, Webware, Zope, Chandler, etc.  Most projects have a variety of
tasks that need to be done -- coding modules, designing test suites,
squashing bugs, writing user documentation and developer documentation,
brainstorming design strategies, planning promotional activities, etc --
so there's something for every skill level.  You'll need to bring a
laptop, or if you don't have one you can pair with somebody who does.

If you'd like to coach a sprint, sign up to attend,  propose a lightning
talk or demonstration, or just get more information, see our wiki page:

or contact:

    seattle-python at
    Brian Dorsey <brian at>, 206-619-6975
    Mike Orr <mso at>, 206-240-4250

Construx is located at 11820 Northup Way #E200, Bellevue WA 98005.  It's
eight miles from downtown Seattle; twenty from Sea-Tac Airport.

Carpools and homestays are available if you contact us in advance.

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