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Barry Warsaw barry at
Tue Oct 5 05:11:51 CEST 2004

Python 2.4 will come with version 3.0 of the email package.  I've made a
standalone distutils package of email 3.0 for folks who don't want to
download the Python CVS.  I plan on freezing the API when Python 2.4
beta 1 is released.  For documentation and download links please see the
email-sig home page:

Changes in email 3.0 include:

      * New FeedParser provides an incremental parsing API for
        applications that may read email message from blocking sources. 
        FeedParser is also more standards compliant than the old parser,
        and is "non-strict" so that it should never raise parse errors
        when parsing broken messages.
      * Previously deprecated API features have been removed, while a
        few more deprecations have been added.
      * Support for Pythons earlier than 2.3 have been removed.
      * Lots and lots of fixes.

Feel free to join the email-sig mailing list for further discussion.


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