ANNOUNCE: Quixote version 1.1 released

Neil Schemenauer nas at
Tue Oct 5 19:09:56 CEST 2004

Quixote is yet another framework for developing Web applications in

Version 1.1 is now available for download from:

Changes in Quixote 1.1

  * Fix example Apache directive for SCGI demo.

  * On Windows, put both stdin and stdout in binary mode.

  * Add 'buffered' flag to HTTPResponse (defaulting to True).

  * Support for the Python 2.4 'compiler' package.

  * Add HTTPRequest.get_scheme() method.

  * Use os.urandom() if it is available.  Move randbytes() function
    to quixote.util module.

  * Convert tests to Sancho's utest framework.

  * Add 'index_filenames' keyword option to StaticDirectory.

  Medusa server:

    * Unquote the PATH_INFO environment variable.

    * Simplify propagation of HTTP headers.

  Form2 library:

    * Don't parse empty POSTs.

    * Fix a subtle bug in the multiple select widget.  If nothing
      is selected then the value should be None, not [None].

    * Add Widget.set_title().

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