Announce: Junct

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Thu Oct 7 06:51:28 CEST 2004

Well, Jon Udell just pointed us to Jot, which is a "next generation"
wiki. I figured I should get my project on the books.

Junct is a "next generation" wiki-like application. Each topic page is
identified by its title, and linking between topics is automatic, just
like a wiki.

Junct is, however, more than your average wiki. It has additional
features which provide enterprise-class functionality:

* Most importantly, each Topic is owned by a Group.
  Each Group, therefore, has its own namespace of Topics.
* Allows publishing of topics from Group to Group.
* Provides customizable markup rules.
* Can receive new content via email.
* Can notify and remind users via email.
* Provides multiple membership models.
* Allows file uploads.
* Shows uploaded files in an iframe if possible.
* Converts Word and Excel files to plain-text Junct topics.
* Is skinnable. HTML, CSS, and app logic are well-separated.
* Extensible via plugins. Current plugins include:
   - Calendaring
   - Progress tracking (tasks)
   - Spell-check (if you run MS Word on the server)
   - Threaded comments
   - Non-wiki resource linking
   - Table of Contents (per Group)

Junct is available via Subversion at svn://
It is built on top of the 'dejavu' ORM at
svn://, and uses the 'cation' app framework
at svn:// All of these are in the public

Junct doesn't have much documentation yet (nor do cation nor dejavu),
but it's coming. Part of this posting is simply to say "I was there
first" with some of these ideas. :)

Robert Brewer
Amor Ministries
fumanchu at

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