subprocess - updated popen5 module

Peter Åstrand astrand at
Fri Oct 8 12:55:06 CEST 2004

I'd like to give you an updated status report of the popen5 project. Since
my last post at 2004-06-04, this has happened:

* The module has been renamed to "subprocess", primarily to avoid
collision with Trent Mick's module.

* I've added support for executing a command through the shell. This is
done by using a keyword argument shell=True. Executing through the shell
is supported both on Windows and POSIX systems.

* The modules doesn't require Mark Hammond's Windows extensions any
longer: Fredrik Lundh has contributed an extension module that provides
the needed Win32 API.

* The PEP now includes more implementation notes, as well as a lot of

An updated PEP has been sent to the PEP editors.

With these changes, the subprocess module now feels quite complete. In the
near future, I will focus on getting the module included in the standard

The module is available from

/Peter Åstrand <astrand at>

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