ANN: urwid 0.8.1 curses-based UI/widget library

Ian Ward ian at
Fri Oct 29 19:01:32 CEST 2004

Announcing urwid 0.8.1
Urwid home page:


New in this release:
 - Support for monochrome terminals
   (and for terminals that think they are monochrome *cough*OSX)
 - Interactive terminal input and output testing 
   (Please let me know if urwid's not catching your terminal's keycodes)
 - Unit testing used in original development
 - Fix for browse example program under OSX with python2.2

About Urwid
Urwid is a curses-based UI/widget library for Python. It features fluid
interface resizing, multiple text layout options, simple markup for 
attributes, powerful scrolling list boxes and flexible edit boxes.

Urwid maximizes the use of your available screen real estate. It does 
*not* provide code for box drawing or simulated drop shadows. It aims to
make writing professional, responsive console applictions easier.

Urwid is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Ian Ward <ian#excess,org>

<P><A HREF="">urwid 0.8.1</A> - curses-based UI/widget library (29-Oct-04)

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