[ANN] Pythonutils Updates

Michael Foord fuzzyman at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 09:59:16 CEST 2004

Pythonutils Updates

Yup... another exciting update to the modules/scripts maintained at -

*UPDATE* approx.py     Version 0.5.0
This is the python cgiproxy for browsing in a restricted internet
environment. It's now very nearly useable ;-)
Fixed POST requests (doh) - except for list values and file uploads.
Will now use cookielib if it's available and maintains separate cookie
files for separate users - with both cookielib and ClientCookie.
Now proxying User-agent header.
Lot's more still to work on - urls in css, file uploads and
authentication are the next ones. (See the TODO list - nothing

*UPDATE* scraper.py    Version 1.3.0
A patch by Paul Perkins that fixes a bug when handling tags without

*UPDATE* proxycleaner.py    Version 1.0.1
Will better clean up nntp links mangled by the perl cgiproxy ;-)
(approx.py doesn't mangle these...)

*UPDATE* dataenc.py     Version 1.1.4
Improvements since last public release :
Slight docs improvement.
Speed improvement in binleave and binunleave.
Added the unexpired alias and the check_pass function.
Changed license text.

*NEW* cookielib_example.py    Version 1.0.0
An example of code for fetching URLs that will happily use
ClientCookie *or* cookielib (Python 2.4) *or* neither.
This code is at - http://www.voidspace.org.uk/atlantibots/recipebook.html

*UPDATE* configobj.py    Version 3.2.1
Bugfix... oops.

*UPDATE* listquote.py    Version 1.1.1
Improved docs

All the best,


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