ANN: Plone Conferene 2004, Zope 3 and content management

Paul Everitt paul at
Tue Sep 7 14:57:55 CEST 2004

Zope, a Python-based application server, is migrating to the component 
architecture of Zope 3.  "Be more Pythonic" is a major goal of Zope 3, 
while also letting Python developers eat Zope one bite at a time 
through better modularization.

The Zope 3 component architecture is a major theme at the Plone 
Conference in Vienna, Sep 20-22:

The tutorial track includes a Zope 3 tutorial from Jim Fulton, a 
tutorial by Martijn Faassen on the "Five" project to bring Zope 3 into 
Zope 2, and even a tutorial on Boa Constructor with Riaan Booysen.

Also, the developers of several content management products for Zope 
are getting together before the conference for a sprint on "The Future 
of Content Management with Zope 3".  Jim's conference keynote will 
discuss the results of this effort.

This will be a major conference, with attendance expected to top the 
250 mark.  Registration is still open:

Do you really want to miss a conference held in a Vienna discotheque? 
Sign up soon and come join the fun!


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