m3ute2 (first public release!)

Jody Burns mailingme at deimerich.com
Thu Sep 9 04:10:52 CEST 2004

m3ute2 is a command-line tool for copying lists of files (or 
directories, or single files) with extensive filename-level filtering 


m3ute2 is a program I developed in order to copy subsets of my music 
collection from my desktop computer to my laptop so I could listen to it 
while on the road.  It has grown from that humble beginning to encompass 
a variety of features that give the user fine control over how files are 
copied.  It also can tell you if there is enough space at the 
destination for the files you want to copy.

m3ute2 can resume, skip, or entirely overwrite partially copied files.  
m3ute2 locks both the source and destination file during copying so that 
file corruption is less likely to occur.

m3ute2 can apply user-supplied regular expressions or standard UNIX 
filename matching patterns (such as the classic '*.*') when determining 
if a specific file will be copied.

m3ute2 can create reports about lists of files before you copy them to 
give you statistical information about the files and estimations about 
how long the copy operation will take and how much space will be used at 
the destination.

m3ute2 will warn you if you attempt to copy an amount of information 
which exceeds the usable capacity of the destination, either through 
physical limitations or disk usage quotas.

m3ute2 can also interface with the SysInternals contig.exe file 
defragmentation tool when copying to a local volume so the files at your 
destination will be as contiguous as possible.

m3ute2 is implemented purely in Python and is distributed in both source 
and Windows binary  installer forms.

m3ute2 currently only works on Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 but porting 
it to a POSIX system would be a small task and we would welcome any 
suggestions or help the community has to offer on this subject.

Come check it out!  m3ute2 is GPL'd and we'd love comments or suggestions.


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