ANN: SkunkWeb 3.4.0 is released!

Jacob Smullyan smulloni at
Sat Sep 11 18:51:44 CEST 2004

SkunkWeb 3.4.0 has been released!

SkunkWeb is a dual-BSD/GPL-licensed, scalable, extensible, and
easy-to-use Web application server written in Python, designed for
handling both high-traffic sites and smaller sites. Its features
include a powerful component model and an elegant templating language
that encourages component-based design, highly configurable caching of
compiled templates and component output, message catalog support for
i18n, and remote component calls. It can be used with Apache via an
Apache module, or it can serve HTTP requests directly.

The SkunkWeb distribution also includes PyDO, an ORM with support for
PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SapDB, and SQLite.

This release fixes a restart bug, has a number of PyDO fixes, better
session handling, a faster cache, and sundry other minor bugfixes.

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Jacob Smullyan <smulloni at>

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