fledgling Python online forum

Sheldon Plankton sheldonplankton at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 19 06:44:00 CEST 2004


I am back from vacation and its looks like we had a power outage.
This also caused my ISP to assign me a new IP address.
Snakehanders is now at

We could really use a regular home.  Can anyone make a suggestion?

Thanks for you support!

sheldonplankton at yahoo.com (Sheldon Plankton) wrote in message news:<mailman.3192.1094913557.5135.python-announce-list at python.org>...
> Hi,
> I have put together a prototype of a Python Programmmers forum.
> It is similar to perlmonk.org, yet not as advanced in functionality. 
> If such a site might interest you please visit it at
> I haven't chosen where I'll eventually host the site.  Why not take a look 
> and post a commment?
> Thanks
> Plankton

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