ANN: TG Framework - Milestone Release 1.0a1

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Mon Sep 20 08:45:06 CEST 2004

ANN: TG Framework - Milestone Release 1.0a1

The `TechGame Framework for Python`_ is a toolkit for skinning
(building) GUIs using a blend of XML, CSS, and Python.

The workflow using this framework is similar to standard GUI development
with a twist of web design thrown in.  The `skinning framework`_ is a
generalized engine to build objects from XML.  To this engine, we have
added an XML namespace 'TG.skinning.toolkits.wx' for our binding with
the excellent `wxPython libraries`_.  Using the skinning framework to
factor your wxPython GUI into an XML form allows for a nice layer of
insulation between GUI manipulation and model code.  And once that
separation is accomplished, you can even go to the point of replacing
your GUI skin dynamically.  Additionally, employing the `CSS
facilities`_ allows you to localize choices about the look and feel of
interfaces across the breadth of your application.  Then, *when* you
change your mind, you can quickly test your ideas by changing the
stylesheet.  Or, in a more sophisticated application, change styles to
match the platform you are running on.

If you are interested, please read more about the TG Framework at the
`project website`_, as well as download the `1.0a1 Milestone Release`_.
You also might be interested in our `CSS tools`_ separate from the
framework.  They are packaged in parallel with the framework, and can
also be found on the `release page`_.

.. _1.0a1 Milestone Release:
.. _release page:
.. _TechGame Framework for Python:
.. _project website:
.. _CSS tools:
.. _CSS facilities:
.. _skinning framework:
.. _wxPython libraries:

This framework is not...

This framework is **not** intended to be a tool to convert code between
different GUI toolkits.  Rather, think of it binding XML, CSS and Python
to specific GUI toolkits; namely wxPython.  However, there is no reason
bindings cannot be written for PyQT, or PyGTK, or win32, or Tkinter!
Please contact us if you are interested in doing so, and we will do our
best to support your effort!

About the 1.0a1 Release

This is our first alpha release, and we confess that our documentation
is pretty much non-existent.  So very sorry!  (It took longer to write
the release documents than the first CSS parser!)  Look forward to
better documentation in 1.0a2!  However, despite the alpha release, the
skinning engine is quite mature, with this being the fourth evolution of
the technology.  Major alpha areas are the CSS Engine and the URI
Resolution tools.

The TechGame Framework is OSI Certified Open Source Software using a
`BSD-style license`_.

.. _BSD-style license:

Please send questions, comments, patches, and suggestions to *framework*
at **.  Please open `new tickets`_ for bugs you find.

.. _new tickets:


   <P><A HREF="">
     TechGame Framework</A> - a toolkit for skinning GUIs
     using a blend of XML, CSS, and Python.  (19-Sep-04) </P>

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