ANN: pyCallTips 0.8 released

tocer dm-info at
Fri Sep 24 02:22:54 CEST 2004

0.8 new:
1.Rewrap the plugin, and change name to python_calltips.vim. In
version 0.8, the plugin don't run automatically

2.Add two function to start or end the plugin. You can run function 
  :call DoCalltips()        #start running 
  :call EndCalltips()       #end running 

3.if you use gVim, you can click  menu to start or end it in "Tools"
menu :  "Start Calltips" and "End Calltips"

This is a script of Vim editor. It simualate code calltips in a new
bottow window of Vim. In fact, it display python help doc strings of
word under the cursor by scanning the imported modules in the current
It can also implement word complete automatically.

It's very useful for python newbie using Vim editor!

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