Portland area Code Sprint on April 9-10

Arlo arlo at arlim.org
Mon Apr 4 23:50:51 CEST 2005


XPDX will be hosting a code sprint on April 9-10, 2005 in downtown Portland,

We're all meeting in one big room, where we'll code and talk smack until
beer-thirty. Come pair with long-time XPers to learn their techniques while
working on nifty Python projects.

If you're intending to attend at least part of the sprint, please email Arlo
Belshee (a_xp_code_sprint at arlim.org). You can also add your name to the
Sprint wiki, at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?XpCodeSprint .

We've currently got about 20 confirmed attendees from Oregon, Washington,
and California. There's no headcount limit; come on down and join us for a
weekend of coding, learning, and fun. If you can't make it for the whole
weekend, just tell Arlo which day you can make it for.

Many of the attendees are new to Python. Some are experts. So feel welcome
regardless of your skill level. Also, Python integrates well with other
common languages, allowing us to easily blend in work in a number of
different areas. There will probably be projects in a number of different
languages, such as: 

 * Pure Python
 * Python and C++, via boost.org's boost::python interoperability template
 * Python and Java, via Jython
 * And probably some Smalltalk, just because

This is not a pure XP Sprint. Please feel free to come if you've never even
heard of the practice. Many of us will be learning it this weekend. Also, if
you have no interest in XP, come anyway. There will be a lot of Python
coding and a variety of interesting topics.


There are several potential projects for you to work on. If any of these
catch your eye, come to the sprint ready to plow into it. If they don't,
come on down with your own pet project - or even with no project at all.
Someone'll grab you as a pair partner.


http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/, or MoinMoin plugins. 



Agile programming infrastructure. Some (as yet poorly defined) set of
integrated tools to allow unit testing, automated build, automated smoke
testing, release control, SCM, and other necessary activities.

How about a rocket telemetry data analysis or visualization tool for
http://psas.pdx.edu/? We could even provide live hardware. 

Scope, a simpler automated test framework for C++ that takes advantage of
the features of that language. 



Critical Path Software his kindly invited us to use a floor of its downtown
facilities for this sprint. The office is at 711 SW Alder St. in downtown
Portland. It is about a block from Pioneer Courthouse Square, so is an easy
MAX ride from many places in the city. 

The code sprint will run on April 9th and 10th. We will start each day at
10:00, and run until evening. Saturday night, several of us will probably
troop on down to one of the local beer establishments. 

Arlo Belshee is organizing this event. If you have questions, you may
contact him via email at a_xp_code_sprint at arlim.org. 


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