[ANN] Voidspace Pythonutils Updates

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 11:16:23 CEST 2005

Lots of updates to the Voidspace modules and recipes.

Update to the Firedrop plugins see :
New version of FireSpell the spell checker (based on PyEnchant by Ryan
New plugin called FireMail which lets you send blog entries (or
articles) by email - either as HTML or text.
All the plugins are available for download. There is also docs on
installing and using the plugins and docs on writing plugins.

More improvements to downman.py - the simple download manager CGI
2005/03/15      Version 0.4.0
Configuration moved into external config file.
HTML stuff mmoved into downman_templates.py
Put quotes round filename (This stops firefox truncating filenames with
Flush the output buffer as we serve the file (may help those who have
to use env in the shebang line)

Quite a big change - with a cleaning up of the default HTML templates
and several new features to help combat guestbook spam.

2005/04/06          Version 1.3.0
Lots of restyling in the HTML templates - not *quite* so horrible now.
We write new entries at the start of the file rather than the end
(undoes a bug introduced in 1.2.0)
Max of two URLs in an entry.
A few extra words added to the banned list. (Still trying to combat
guestbook spam)
New value 'BREAKVAL' added to templates (so we can use the XHTML <br />
if needed)
The '_charset_' field added to the form and value checked (in case page
encoding changed by guests browser)
Now use rel="nofollow" in links to foil spammers
Email addresses shown using javascript in an attempt to foil address
Obviously invalid email addresses and urls are removed. (very basic)

Jalopy and Login Tools
Not a huge amount of progress - but a few bugs fixed.
Admin levels are now preserved when new users are created or invited.
Corrected bug causing accounts to not be editable.
Changed all the shebang lines to '#! /usr/bin/python'
Updated to latest versions of all the pythonutils modules (like
Fixed typo in HTML for editing users (causing crashes).

cgitutils now has much better functions for handling emails.
It includes a function for creating HTML emails and a single function
will do the sending, rather than 3 functions for the three different
cases as before (using sendmail, using smtplib, using smtplib with

2005/04/07      Version 0.3.0
Changed the email functions, this may break things (but it's better
this way)
Added createhtmlemail, removed loginmailme
mailme is now a wrapper for sendmailme, mailme, *and* the old

2005/04/07      Version 1.1.1
We now set I/O to binary mode for windows.


An innovative use of the google api !
Version 0.1.3 5th April 2005
This is a simple implementation of a proxy server that fetches web
pages from the google cache. It's based on SimpleHTTPServer and lets
you explore the internet from your browser, using the google cache. See
the world how google sees it. Alternatively - retro internet - no CSS,
no javascript, no images, this is back to the days of MOSAIC !

Best Regards,


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