ANN: Wavy Navy 1.00 (Pygame shoot 'em up)

Sizer Sizer at
Sun Apr 10 08:11:21 CEST 2005

Wavy Navy 1.00 is now available at
under BSD License.

This is a Pygame shoot-em-up based on the 1983 Sirius Software
game by Rodney McAuley.

Created from scratch in about 3 weeks of my spare time using Python and
Pygame as a test project for Pygame (which was easily up to the task).
My art and sound skills are weak, so if you'd like to create better 
art and sound effects the game is nearly fully skinnable and I
welcome contributions!

I still enjoy playing the game, even after spending three weeks of
my life making it, I hope you will enjoy it!

sizer at

<P><A HREF=">Wavy Navy 1.00</A> - Pygame shoot 
'em up.  (09-Apr-05)

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