PyAr - Python Argentina 8th Meeting, this Thursday

Batista, Facundo Facundo.Batista at
Mon Apr 11 18:37:20 CEST 2005

The Argentine Python User Group, PyAr, will have its eighth
meeting this Thursday, January 10th at 7:00pm.


Despite our agenda tends to be rather open, this time we would
like to cover these topics:

- Conclusions of PyAr in PyCon 2005.
- See what we'll do with the t-shirts, and how we'll export them.
- Analyze a future meeting point.


We're meeting at Hip Hop Bar, Hipólito Yirigoyen 640, Ciudad de Buenos
Aires, starting at 19hs. We will be in the back room, so please ask
the barman for us.

About PyAr

For more information on PyAr see (in Spanish), 
or join our mailing list (Also in Spanish. For instructions see

We meet on the second Thursday of every month.

.	Facundo
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