[ANN] pylint 0.6.4

Sylvain Thénault Sylvain.Thenault at logilab.fr
Thu Apr 14 16:05:49 CEST 2005

Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce a new release of PyLint. This release mainly
fixes multivalued options bug and a systematic crash with python 2.2.
Users should also use the latest logilab's common library (0.9.3).

What's new ?
* allow to parse files without extension when a path is given on the
  command line (test noext)
* don't fail if we are unable to read an inline option  (e.g. inside a
  module), just produce an information message (test func_i0010)

* new message E0103 for break or continue outside loop (close #8883,
  test func_continue_not_in_loop)

* fix bug in the variables checker, causing non detection of some
  actual name error (close #8884, test
* fix bug in the classes checker which was making pylint crash if
  "object" is assigned in a class inheriting from it (test 
* fix problem with the similar checker when related options are
  defined in a configuration file

* new --generate-man option to generate pylint's man page (require the
  latest logilab.common (>= 0.9.3)

* packaged (generated...) man page

What is pylint ?

Pylint is a python tool that checks if a module satisfy a coding
standard. Pylint can be seen as another pychecker since nearly all
tests you can do with pychecker can also be done with Pylint. But
Pylint offers some more features, like checking line-code's length,
checking if variable names are well-formed according to your coding
standard, or checking if declared interfaces are truly implemented,
and much more (see http://www.logilab.org/pylint/ for the complete
check list). The big advantage with Pylint is that it is highly
configurable, customizable, and you can easily write a small plugin to
add a personal feature.

The usage it quite simple :

$ pylint mypackage.mymodule

This command will output all the errors and warnings related to the
tested code (here : mypackage.mymodule), will dump a little summary at
the end, and will give a mark to the tested code.

Pylint is free software distributed under the GNU Public Licence.

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