Europython 2005 registration open

Jacob Hallen jacob at
Mon Apr 25 19:41:32 CEST 2005

EuroPython is held -for the second time- in Göteborg, Sweden, during
the week of June 27-29, 2005.  Registration is open and now is your
chance to submit a proposal (or more).

Several topics are handled in parallel tracks at EuroPython2005, these
include: Business, Education, Lightning talks, Python Frameworks,
Python Language, Refereed papers, Science, Social skills/General
topics, Tutorials/Neopythes, Zope and Zope Related, Zope Lightning
talks. If you would like to tell the community something about your
work, interest or experience, then then submit button is your way to

The Refereed Track is intended for prestigious peer-reviewed talks for
presenting technical and scientific papers. To our knowledge,
EuroPython is the only Python conference, with peer-reviewed
talks. Everybody can submit a paper for the Refereed Track, as long as
it follows the Refereed paper instructions. For detailed information
concerning this subject, please have a look at the Tracks & Talks
webpage of EuroPython. To give you yet another opportunity to submit a
refereed paper, we have extended the deadline to coincide with the
deadline for regular talks. Lat day for submission is 1 May 2005!

If you don't want to participate as a speaker, you might be interested
in hearing the talks. Registration for EuroPython2005 is now
open. Several registration alternatives are possible. Pre-Registration
will be available until 17th of June, but Early Bird registration will
end on May the 15th. Everybody is welcome: from novice to advanced.

Our keynote speakers will be Guido van Rossum and Steve Pemberton.
You may not have heard of Steve, since his focus is in an area that is
not directly connected to Python. However, we expect him to give you
an interesting perspective on what is going on in the industry.
Find out more at
If you don't know who Guido van Rossum is, you really need to come to
Europython to find out.

Feel free to spread the word about EuroPython2005 to your friends, family,
colleagues, ...

For all conference details, go to:

See you at Göteborg.

EuroPython Team.

About EuroPython: Europython is an annual conference for the Python
and Zope communities. It circulates between different sites in
Europe. Having started in Charleroi, Belgium, it is now in Göteborg,
Sweden and will move to CERN in Swizerland next year. Europython is a
community conference run by volunteers.


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