ANN: Porcupine 0.0.2 released t.koutsovassilis at
Mon Aug 1 13:32:28 CEST 2005

Porcupine is a Web application server that features an embedded object
database, the Porcupine Object Query Language, XMLRPC support, and
QuiX, an integrated JavaScript XUL motor.
Porcupine includes everything you will ever need for developing and
deploying rich internet applications.

This release includes many bug fixes and a couple of cool new features.
It incorporates a developer-friendly version of QuiX and an enriched
version of Porcupine OQL.
The previous release of QuiX did not allow debugging of modules using a
debugger such as the Venkman JavaScript Debugger for Mozilla, or the
Microsoft Script Debugger for Internet Explorer. Another side effect of
this was the inconsistent JavaScript error line numbers reported by
Internet Explorer. This release addresses both issues.
Another obvious new feature of QuiX is the progress bar appearing while
QuiX loads external modules, providing a better end-user experience.
Finally, Porcupine OQL now supports subqueries. Subqueries provide a
flexible bridge between Porcupine objects and their relations

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