ANN: HarvestMan 1.4.5 beta 1

Anand abpillai at
Tue Aug 2 13:06:00 CEST 2005

HarvestMan 1.4.5 beta 1 follows right at the heels of HarvestMan
1.4.5 alpha 2 which was released on July 21 2005.

The new version adds a lot of improvements on the command line options.
There is a wget like option which allows the user to just download
files without trying to crawl the website. The entire command line is
rewritten for ease of use and clarity.

Support for server-side dynamic web page extensions '.shtm', '.aspx',
'.cfm','.cfml','.cms' were added. Apart from there there are a few
bug fixes.

The harvestman web site is not
reachable since the hosting provider, freezope seems to be down since
yesterday. However you can download the package and see the Changelogs
at .

Package: .
Release information & Changelog: .

The release announcement is also available at freshmeat.



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