Fredericksburg, VA ZPUG August 10: .Net, functional testing

Gary Poster gary at
Tue Aug 2 21:35:57 CEST 2005

Please join us August 10, 7:30-9:00 PM, for the third meeting of the  
Fredericksburg, VA Zope and Python User Group ("ZPUG").

This meeting has four features of note.

- Brian Lloyd, the author of Python for .Net ( 
Members/Brian/PythonNet/) and the Zope Corporation VP of Engineering,  
will discuss his .Net platform and give a brief .Net overview.

- Benji York, Zope Corp Senior Software Engineer, will discuss  
current functional testing practices on Zope 3, including using  
Selenium on Zope 3, using demo storage for functional testing, and  
using his own compelling new functional test package.  Note that the  
majority of this discussion has strong applicability to automated  
testing of all web frameworks and applications.

- We will serve the now-usual geek-chic fruit, cheese, and soft drinks.

- Fred Drake, Zope Corp Senior Software Engineer, Python core  
developer, Python documentation maintainer and editor, and co-author  
of the O'Reilly book Python & XML will give two of his books (http:// to new  
attendees.  Upon pressure, he admitted that he would be willing to  
autograph them if bribed with fruit, cheese, and soft drinks.

Note that we are eager to have non-Zope-Corporation employees give  
presentations. :-)

We had three new attendees last meeting, for a total of ten.  Please  
come and bring friends!

More information 
fxbgzpug_announce_3 and below.

Hope to see you there!


General ZPUG information
When: second Wednesday of every month, 7:30-9:00.

Where: Zope Corporation offices. 513 Prince Edward Street;  
Fredericksburg, VA 22408 (tinyurl for map is

Parking: Zope Corporation parking lot; entrance on Prince Edward Street.

Topics: As desired (and offered) by participants, within the  
constraints of having to do with Python.

Contact: Gary Poster (gary at

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