ANN: pyx12-1.2.0

John Holland john at
Mon Aug 8 21:40:47 CEST 2005

What's New:
    Created DTD for the simple XML output form. Changed URL.

    Removed generation of DTD line for idtag and idtagqual XML
    output forms.

    Added a new XML output form: idtagqual.  This form appends the
    ID value to non-unique segment IDs

    Added draft map for Unsolicited 277: 277U.4010.X070.xml

    Base map_if segment children on dictionary - faster lookups

    Corrected validation bugs.

    Added more unit and functional tests.

    Altered segment interface.

    See CHANGELOG.txt for all changes.

What is Pyx12?
    Pyx12 is a HIPAA X12 document validator and converter.  It
    parses an ANSI X12N data file and validates it against a
    representation of the Implementation Guidelines for a HIPAA
    transaction.  By default, it creates a 997 response. It can
    create an html representation of the X12 document or can
    translate to and from an XML representation of the data file.

Where can I get it?
    Pyx12 is available at

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