ANN: cssutils 0.8a3 (alpha 3 release)

Christof csad7 at
Sat Aug 13 19:02:02 CEST 2005

what is it
A Python package to parse and build CSS Cascading Style Sheets. Partly 
implements the DOM Level 2 Stylesheets  and DOM Level 2 CSS interfaces.

The implementation uses some Python standard features like standard 
lists for classes like css.CSSRuleList and is hopefully a bit easier to use.

changes since the last full release
reflecting DOM Level 2 Stylesheets and DOM Level 2 CSS
see for a complete list of changes, examples etc

changes in 0.8a3
* custom log for CSSparser should work again
* calling script cssparser has 2 new options (not using optparse yet...) filename.css [encoding[, "debug"]]
     1. encoding of the filename.css to parse
     2. if called with "debug" debugging mode is enabled and default log 
prints all messages

* cssutils.css.CSSUnknownRule reintegrated and Tests added
* cssutils.Comment reintegrated
     implements css.CSSRule, there a new typevalue COMMENT (=-1) is added

* lexer does handle strings *almost* right now...
* bugfixes
* simplified lexer, still lots of simplification todo

known issues
* @media and @page rules are disabled (Unknown Rule will be used currently)
* string with enclosed quotes probably do cause errors e.g.
     content: "some \"text";
     will likely break the parser
* probably all escaped characters (\x) will break the parser
* nested blocks like in @media or custom at-rules will probably not work

cssutils is published under the LGPL.

download cssutils 0.8a3 alpha - 050813 from

This is an alpha release so use at your own risk! Some parts will not 
work as expected... Any bug report is welcome.

cssutils needs
* Python 2.3 (tested with Python 2.4.1 on Windows XP only)
* maybe PyXML (tested with PyXML 0.8.4 installed)

any comment will be appreciated, thanks
christof hoeke

<P><A HREF="">cssutils 0.8a3</A> - cssutils - 
CSS Cascading Style Sheets library for Python (13-Aug-05)

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