ANN: AOPython 1.0.2

Daniel Miller millerdev at
Wed Aug 17 05:47:34 CEST 2005

AOPython 1.0.2 has been released.

AOPython is an AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) module for Python. AOPython provides a base 'Aspect' that can 'advise' or wrap function and/or method calls. It also contains a weave function that can weave (apply advice to a subset of- or all functions and methods in) a module, class, or instance. Advice may modify or replace parameters and/or the return value of the advised function or method each time it is called. It can do many other things such as handle exceptions raised by an advised function, collect information on the method call (logging), or obtain and release resources before and after a method is invoked.

Example 1: How to wrap a function

from aopython import Aspect
def negate(x):
    return -x
aspect = Aspect()
negate = aspect.wrap(negate)
negate(2) # advised function call

Example 2: How to weave a class

from aopython import Aspect
class MyObj(object):
    def double(self, x):
        return x * 2
    def tripple(self, x):
        return x * 3
aspect = Aspect()
myobj = MyObj()
myobj.double(5) # advised method call
MyObj.tripple(myobj, 5) # advised method call

In this release the weave functionality has been enhanced to allow more flexible weaving of callables in modules, classes, or instances. An unweave function has been added to allow advice to be removed en-mass from an object that was previously weaved. Test coverage was also greatly improved, especially for the weave/unweave functions. See the change log for more details.

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<p><a href="">AOPython 1.0.2</a> - Aspect Oriented Python (16-Aug-05)</p>

~ Daniel Miller
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