[ANN] rpncalc-2.0

Raymond L. Buvel levub137 at wi.rr.com
Sat Aug 20 18:26:12 CEST 2005

The rpncalc package adds an interactive Reverse Polish Notation (RPN)
interpreter to Python.  This interpreter allows the use of Python as
an RPN calculator.  You can easily switch between the RPN interpreter
and the standard Python interpreter.

Home page:  http://calcrpnpy.sourceforge.net/

Changes in 2.0

* Added function to compute the roots of a polynomial.

* Added functions to save and restore the stacks and user variables.

* Added clnum package which provides arbitrary precision floats and
rationals in both real and complex forms.  Also provides the functions
in the standard math and cmath libraries in extended precision floating

* Switched the RPN interpreter to use the clnum package for all
operations.  The standard Python float and complex are still available
but require an explicit conversion.

* Switched ratfun so that it requires the clnum package.  This
simplified some of the code for handling integer coefficients.  It also
makes it possible to use Laguerre's method for finding the roots of

* Changed the license to the GPL because the clnum package uses a GPL

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