ANN: SPE 0.7.5.c: Improved documentation & bugfixes

SPE - Stani's Python Editor at
Thu Aug 25 22:46:07 CEST 2005

With special thanks to Dimitri Pater to contribute his documenation
from and Nir Aides for the documentation about
the debugger. Also thanks to all Mac donors who bring real Mac support
for SPE more and more close. For more info visit the homepage.


Spe is a free python IDE with auto indentation & completion, call tips,
syntax coloring & highlighting, UML diagrams, class explorer, source
index, auto todo list, sticky notes, pycrust shell, file browsers,
drag&drop, context help, Blender support, ... Spe ships with Python
debugger (remote & encrypted), wxGlade (gui designer), PyChecker
(source code doctor) and Kiki (regex console).

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